Sound Design

Customized original sound designs from sound effects libraries, original studio and field recordings, synthesis and Foley.

Audio Implementation

A game's audio assets are only as strong as its implementation and mix.

Whether it's content creation, implementation, testing or mixing, I can assist with projects of any size.  I have experience with Unreal, Wwise, and script editorial.

Field Recording

Do you need completey unique source material, but can't get out of the audio dungeon? Let me seek out unique audio textures for you to use in your studio's projects!

Music Mixing

If you have a musical project that requires mixing and feel that I could help take it to the next level, get in touch.   I offer 100% digital ITB mixes from individual tracks or stems, demo mixing, and more!

Miscellaneous Audio Services

Whether you need a podcast fully edited, voice overs de-breathed, audio artifacts eradicated, audio restoration, loudness normalization to broadcast standards, or simply just need some files converted, I've got you covered!

SFX Packages

  • Tiny
  • 10 Sound Effects
  • 2 Minor Revisions Per Asset
  • $800 (USD)
  • Small
  • 20 Sound Effects
  • 2 Minor Revisions Per Asset
  • $1,500 (USD)
  • Medium
  • 40 Sound Effects
  • 2 Minor Revisions Per Asset
  • $3,000 (USD)

The custom assets designed are available to you, to be synchronized in your productions, forever.
There are no extra licensing or platform fees!

Flexible Work Arrangements

For custom per project rates, monthly retainer rates, or full-time, in-house services...
For interesting indie projects that need great sound, but don't have funding...

Please get in touch!