Game Audio Design

I am currently offering a variety of freelance sound design services à la carte, as well as short-run SFX packages for game developers both big and small!


Before I can produce sound for your project, I need to gain insight into various factors that could affect the design process. This can be accomplished by:

  • Liaison with decisive authority, audio lead, or point of contact
  • Reviewing media that could serve as inspiration
  • Competitor analysis (style, mood, creativity, levels)
  • Documentation of requirements and developing a plan of action

Sound Design

After the audio vision for your project has been solidified, I can begin to design custom audio from:

  • Sound effects libraries
  • Original studio/field recordings
  • Software synthesis
  • Foley

Audio Implementation

Once sounds have been approved they can be integrated into the game, by the way of various audio authoring tools. I have experience with, but I am not limited to, the following methods:

  • Middleware audio systems (Wwise, FMOD)
  • Unreal audio system (Sound Cue, Kismet, Matinee)
  • Script editorial (UnrealScript, TorqueScript, Lua, etc.)


After all sounds have been integrated into game they will be ready for final mixdowns. There may be numerous mixes required for game modes, scenes, and listening profiles. This process might consist of:

  • Audio level balancing
  • Emitter radius and/or panning adjustments
  • Applying filters and effects

Miscellaneous services

In-the-box mixdowns

If you have a musical project that requires mixing, and feel that I could help take it to the next level, please get in touch!

  • ITB mixes from individual tracks or stems
  • Pre-production mixing
  • Demo mixing

Audio restoration, editorial, & processing

Whether you need voice overs de-breathed, audio artifacts eradicated, or just need some files converted, I am your man!

  • Noise reduction / de-breathing
  • Clipping / distortion reduction
  • Click / crackle reduction
  • Transient restoration / enhancement
  • Batch processing / conversions

SFX Packages

  • Tiny Package
  • 10 Sound Effects
  • 2 Revisions Per Asset
  • $800 (USD)
  • Small Package
  • 20 Sound Effects
  • 2 Revisions Per Asset
  • $1500 (USD)
  • Medium Package
  • 40 Sound Effects
  • 2 Revisions Per Asset
  • $3000 (USD)

Current Hourly Rates

My current hourly rate for sound design is $40/hr with a minimum of two hours.

  • It takes about two hours to design one sound effect.
  • The custom assets designed are available to you, to be synchronized in your productions, forever.
  • No extra licensing or platform fees!

Flexible Work Arrangements

  • For per project rates, monthly retainer rates, or full-time, in-house services...
  • For interesting indie projects that need great sound, but don't have funding...
  • If you wish to offer me full-time employment...

Please get in touch!

Get In Touch

If you have a project that requires audio content outsourcing, mixing, or would like to offer me a job, contact me today!


Ryan Vincent Jaeger
Ryan Vincent Jaeger
Sound Designer
Round Rock, TX, USA
+1 (347) 878-5739
Available upon request
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